Performance Dogs

Our Miniature American Shepherds are doing very well in performance venues.


Beamer in beginner obedience.

Emily and Gunner

Emily and Gunner, Miniature American Shepherd

We are so proud of Jr Emily Wentland and all she is doing with Gunner ( Dakota x Shooter).

Emily and Gunner, a Mini American Shepherd

Emily and Gunner (Dakota x Shooter) at the state Fair winning first place in Jr. Freestyle


Crook is doing well in Lure Coursing.


Shine has a title in Rally Novice, Farm Dog Certification, Trick Dog Novice, Canine Good Citizen & Herding Instinct Certificate. She is also involved in Scent Work.

Tuff and Duffy Graduating

Tuff and Duffy have graduated from Beginner Obedience Class at the CCTC.

Sully Earns His S.T.A.R. Puppy and CGC

We are very proud of one of our puppies that recently achieved his S.T.A.R. Puppy and Canine Good Citizen certificate. Way to go Sully and Brooke Rowden! You two make a great team!!!

Mark and Jett

Mark and JETT getting their first Q in Agility and Jett earning 1st place in an AKC Novice JWW.

Jett and Mark

Congratulations to Jett and Mark!!!

Sheila and Harmony

Harmony has her first obedience class under her belt! Now starting Rally and Agility.

Gary and Kix

Kix and Gary completed the kicker obedience class and passed with flying colors!!!

Miles Learning to Herd

Miles is from CA and owned by Char Peterson.

Maggie and Rickie

Maggie and Rickie in obedience class! Dakota x Tuff litter